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Denver Diamonds Strippers is not your typical bachelor party booking agency. We are the most coveted booking agency in Colorado, attracting patrons from downtown Denver, across the front range, throughout the rocky mountains and around the globe. Despite our notoriety, you won't find a pretentious vibe from our strippers like you will at other companies in our line of work. We offer you a classy, courteous, highly trained staff of professional exotic dancers that will provide you with the kind of care and attention that you will appreciate. After selecting your favorite dancers from the photos below, contact our office so we may check their schedule availability.

Ashley & Danielle
Eva & Emily
Heather & Holly
Jillian & Kimmy
Lisa & Shannon
Tara & Tiffany
Vanessa & Taylor
Steph & Lexi
Crystal & Lauren
Nikki & Kendra
Brittany & Mary
Amanda & Kari
Jenny & Faith
Jackie & Rachel
Pamela & Jessica

The following steps will walk you through the entire process from ordering to enjoying 1, 2, 3, 4 or more sexy female strippers at your upcoming event:

Call or text us at 1(303)961-4120 and our friendly office staff will setup your reservation for you, or see the simple steps below to book online right now!

At the top of this page you will find the different prices for the Aspen area. Based on how many strippers you would like to reserve, the dollar amount reflected is your total booking fee. That total is all you pay for the amount of strippers you are ordering (this is not a price per stripper). All initial costs are included: dancer(s), mileage, agency fees, taxes, etc... The only other costs you will incur are gratuity towards the stripper(s) during your party.

All of our strippers are located on our "PHOTOS PAGE" which you can visit by clicking here. You will notice that they are listed along with their regular partner. The reason for this is that all of our dancers have 1 other stripper that they work with on a regular basis. We list them in this manner because they usually do more then 1 party a night, therfore in most curcumstances they will already be out with their regular partner on a normal working night. You may list additional selections on the online booking form, it is recommended that you use this option to benefit you during the scheduling process if your primary selection is unavailable when we receive your order.

You can book your strippers online by visinting our reservation form, it is located on this page: click here! All of your information is confidential and secure, we never sell your personal details, and we also require a very minimal amount of information for you to make your reservation. All we need is your name, contact info, party location, dancer requests, and a couple of details describing the type and size of your party. Since we don't ask for payment until the night of your party when your dancers arrive, you really don't need to worry about there even being a possibility of your identity being stolen or your information being compromised in any way. This is also the way that we can assure that you will be satisfied with the quality of your dancers, since we don't ask for anything upfront: no deposits, no credit cards, etc... We are able to make this promise since you will pay the strippers directly giving you the ability to be happy with your decision of picking our company before any cash exchanges hands.

It's always a good idea to see what you are getting ahead of time. People who are trying to sell you a service may tend to boast a little more than they should about their strippers. Some agencies will have a website where you can see the girls you have to choose from, others you may have to make a visit to their office, but the trip is well worth it. This way you are not surprised when the girls show up at the bachelor party.

The day of your party before noon you will receive a confirmation text from our office reminding you of what you have scheduled later that evening. Then, between noon and 5pm that same day, you will be contacted by your dancer(s) to tell you more about their show, answer any questions you may have for them and to get directions if needed. If you miss this call they will follow-up with a voicemail, text, or an additional phone call. Please make sure that you speak with them during this time period, if they do not get in contact with you they will not be able to keep your event on their schedule for the evening. If there are any issues with this you can always contact our office at 1(303)961-4120, we are available at that number 24x7.

Your dancer(s) will arrive at the time you scheduled. Please have your base fees in cash for them at that time. The strippers will quickly get ready for the show in a private area you have provided. They will then announce who they are, what to expect and some very important ground rules to your entire group before beginning their show.

The entertainment will last for an undetermined amount of time. They come prepared with several hours worth of entertainment. The length of the party is up to you, on average a party lasts 60-90 minutes. As long as everyone has followed the rules set, is having a great time, tips are flowing and your guests are participating in the stages of the show and activities the dancers are presenting, then the dancers will continue offering different games and grand finale shows for your party to enjoy.

See Our Denver Strippers in Action, at Actual Bachelor Parties in Your City!

We have been serving the state of Colorado for 20 years with the best female strippers available for bachelor party and birthday parties. Here are just a few actual photos from our past events in places like Denver, Aspen, Breckenridge, Vail, Colorado Springs, and many other locations so you know you can count on us to provide the strippers for your upcoming party!

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